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Issue Two: CHRONOS & Open Positions

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Should I just make these monthly updates at this point? Ah, that seems like a question for Twitter. Anyhow, let’s just get right into the nitty gritty, shall we?

Positions are Open!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community? Do you like writing and sharing ideas with others? Well, we’ve got some news for you!

Vocivia Magazine is opening its doors to anyone who wishes to write blog posts and be a part of the community we’ve cultivated! We want to make this blog a community; a safe space for everyone!

So, we’re starting off with two major categories that you can be a part of:


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Every month, we will read and publish a review of a text we’ve read!

Reading is one thing that seems to bring many of us in the writing community together, and so we want to create a master list of books or other written media that we thought were great! It won’t be limited to just books either, as I personally love reading manga, so limiting our reviews to just books wouldn’t make much sense.

Thus, we need a wide range of readers to be a part of this team! People with different interests, tastes, and thought processes will make these reviews much more meaningful and diverse!

Writing Help

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Every two weeks, we’ll publish a few tips to help you grow as a writer! These will mostly be centered around what our tastes are as a platform, but we will also be broad enough that, should you want to improve your writing, you will be able to without sticking to a rigid structure! Writing is a fluid art form, and as such we want a variety of voices for this category, in particular, to help us maintain that fluidity!


Apply to be a part of our team here! We’ll get back to you within 2-3 weeks 🙂

Issue Two: CHRONOS is now live!

As of last week, the digital version of our second issue, CHRONOS went live! You can find both volumes of the issue and read them to your heart’s content on this page listing all our past issues!

However earlier today, the physical copies of CHRONOS are now available to buy from our shop! For just 20 USD, you can not only get to read about everyone who contributed to the issue and see their work but support them too! A portion of all the copies sold goes to the contributors of the issue. In addition, there are fun crosswords and word searches for you to enjoy in the physical version, as well as notes about the issue from our EIC and Product Development manager! So, you should definitely go buy it!

This issue was a massive endeavor for us! With 30 contributors and over 60 pages of content, there was certainly a huge spike in the amount of work it took to create this. To give you a comparison, our first issue, Lost & Found, had just 7 contributors. The growth we’ve had over the past year is absolutely insane, so we all wanted to thank you for sticking with us and submitting all of your wonderful work to us!

And again, none of this would have been possible, however, without the patience of our amazing contributors, so go show them some love after reading the issue!

The physical release of CHRONOS will be out by next week, so stay tuned to hear about all the little goodies I’ll be adding to that issue and more! Oh, and also, if you’d like to purchase a copy of it at a discount, consider joining our newsletter! I put in all sorts of perks for the newsletter all the time, so it might be a worthwhile investment if you’re interested in purchasing a copy for yourself!

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