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When will submissions open and where can I find the guidelines?

You can always look at what submissions we have open on our submissions page! We’re typically open for submissions in the fall and the spring, but specific dates will always be listed on that page!

What permissions/rights does Vocivia Magazine ask for?

By submitting your work to us:

  • You grant us electronic publishing rights: basically, permission to post quotes of your work on our social media page (we will tag you when we post them, should you provide your social handle(s) to us!) and the right to publish your work on our site!
  • You grant us Archival Rights: the right to archive your work on our website, with credit given to you as the author.
  • If we are the original publishers of your work, we ask for First Serial Rights and would appreciate being credited as the original publisher of said piece, should your piece be reprinted in other journals. If we are not the first publishers of your work, we ask that you give us the right to reprint your work and we’ll ensure credit is given to the first publisher(s) of the piece(s). [See question below for further information]

Upon publication, all rights revert back to the author : )

Do you accept previously published works?

Yes! Just state in the email where and when the piece has been previously published.

By submitting previously published works to us, you reserve the right to your work. If you are submitting a piece that has been published previously, it is your responsibility to inform us and to ensure that you have full publishing rights before sending us your work. You take full responsibility for providing us with works that are legally yours. We will not accept pieces that are published in magazines or otherwise that do not allow republication, and it is your responsibility to make sure that this is not the case for your previously published works. In the event that the magazine you’ve previously published doesn’t allow us to publish your work in our magazine, we will not be able to accept your work. If we find that your previously published work is barred from republication, we will not accept it. If you realize that you have submitted a prior work that you no longer have the rights to, inform us before publishing so we can retract it.

How do I submit my work?

The types of work we consider for each issue are dependent on the theme and how we plan to release the physical copies of the issue. That specific information can be found on our submissions page.

Please email with the following specifications:

  • Subject line: issue#, fullname, title of work(s) [Example: Issue 1, Sheeks Bhattacharjee, TitleHere]
  • Body:
    • A 3-5 sentence introduction written in the third person about yourself. Include any social media you’d want us to feature in this little bio! We will shorten your bio when we put it into the issue if it takes up “too much” space (i.e. a whole column on our contributors page), but you’ll be notified if this is the case and given an opportunity to rewrite it!
    • Your work is attached as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, PNG, or JPEG

What do you mean by “content warnings”?

Content Warnings typically refer to a brief statement detailing the content of the work that may be unsuitable for all readers. Because our team consists of both adults and minors, we do ask for content warnings to better organize who ends up reading the work.

Please include content warnings in your email(s) if your work contains:

  • Graphic depictions of sex, gore, and/or violence (e.g. murder, rape, etc.)
  • Self-harm or mutilation
  • Mentions or allusions to suicide
  • Mentions or allusions to anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Mentions or allusions to homophobia & transphobia (NOTE: this does not mean your piece can be homophobic/transphobic, only if your piece discusses these topics)
  • Other content that is 18+ as per common sense

Examples of “good” content warnings that effectively communicate the piece’s topics are below:

  1. “CW: Self-Harm”
  2. “This piece includes mentions of self-harm.”
  3. “Reader discretion advised: mentions of self-harm”

Any of those are good enough for an email! You may also opt to censor the word if you wish like in the example below:

  • “CW: S*lf-H*rm”

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the immediate deletion of your work. We want to ensure the safety of our team, and by putting these warnings on there, you’re helping us do so.

Do you consider simultaneous submissions?

Yep! We ask that, if your piece is published elsewhere before we make our decision on your piece, please email us with the name of your piece(s) that have been accepted elsewhere and whether you’d like to keep the piece in our current submission cycle or withdraw it!

Is there a submission fee?

Nope! You can submit your work to us for free for as long as this magazine runs!

Do you pay contributors?

As of now, we, unfortunately, cannot compensate contributors with money for their submissions directly. However, contributors will get a cut of the profit made from the physical release!

If we can, in the future, we’ll also try to get contributors physical copies of their works for free! As of now though, it’s just the cut of the profit.

How many pieces can I submit at once?

The main submissions page lists the number of works we look at per submission for this submission period! Usually, our maximums change based on the call, so it’s always going to be listed on the main submissions page rather than here!

Can I submit multiple times in one submission period?

For many of our issues, we will not accept multiple submissions from the same person. However, for certain issues, this may be amended as certain issues may require a large volume of a specific type of work or to ensure variety! This information will always be clarified on the main submissions page!

How will my work be presented/published?

Typically, we will always have a print release and a digital release for any given issue. However, since the idea behind our magazine is multimedia expressions of writing and art, there may be some issues that do not follow this trend. These will be listed on the main submissions page!

Do you allow works made by generative ai?

No. We only accept works made by humans. Pieces found to be made by generative AI like chatGPT, Stable Diffusion, etc will be rejected. We want to showcase human creativity and uplift the voices of those who are not heard, and AI is neither human or unheard. If you are a Real Human Artist™️ who is incorporating non-generative AI tools like Topaz Gigapixel or Photoshop Neural Filters which are only aids as opposed to replacements for entire workflows (IE: Firefly or Generative Fill) they will be considered as long as you are transparent about it.

You didn’t answer my question…

Have a particular question you’d still like to ask? Send us your question through the form in the Contact tab!

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