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The cover of Issue One of Vocivia Magazine. Red glitched out background with a stack of multi-colored vinyl disks in the center. The text above the vinyls (from left to right, top to bottom) reads "LOST AND FOUND cover redesigned in June 2023" while the text below the vinyls from left to right reads "vocivia magazine issue one january 2022"

Issue 1: Lost & Found

January 29, 2022

​Showcasing a multitude of different styles of writing, “Lost & Found” serves as a scavenger hunt for the reader! Find the pieces that speak to you and share them with others for them to find.

The cover of the combined anthology of Issue Two: CHRONOS by Vocivia Magazine. A white background with a combination of two images in the center, alternating in vertical rectangular strips. The first image is of a digital clock on a desk, showing the time 12:47. The image it is spliced with contains a huge grandfather clock with roman numerals surrounding it and the shadows of people looking up to the clock that reads 1:20. From top to bottom and left to right, the text reads "July 2022 Recompiled June 2023 CHRONOS Issue No. 2 Full edition Vocivia Magazine"

Issue 2: CHRONOS

July 31, 2022

​Time. We don’t have a lot of it. Or maybe, perhaps, we have too much? We always say it’s never enough or that we don’t have it. Let us give you some time, with poetry, stories, and art created by 31 amazing creators!

The Cover of Vocivia Magazine Issue 3
A digital art image of a vibrant purple to blue sky and the earth
February 2023
Vocivia magazine


March 8, 2023

The Internet is a vast and wide place. CYBERSCRIPT takes a look at how the internet has affected our lives and become a part of those lives. CYBERSCRIPT is a noun describing writings about the internet. It’s a word we created to describe those poems about the internet’s endless nature or stories of those long nights reading fanfiction on AO3 (or Wattpad too, no judgment). Inspired by Bo Burnham’s “Welcome to the Internet”, we wanted to hear what the Internet looked and sounded like to you.

Issue 4: Heart of Thine Cards

March 16th, 2024 – Physical

March 27th, 2024 – Tarot Deck

March 31st – Digital

Heart of Thine Cards is a very special multimedia release. The art of reading the Tarot has a long and dated history. As such, to honor the intricacies of the Tarot, our deck comes with a set of tarot cards that feature art from the community representing what they think each card means. In addition, the booklet contains the written pieces associated with each card, providing a nuanced interpretation of what the cards could mean for you.

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