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Your voice matters.

You must hear this phrase constantly, but this phrase embodies the entire idea behind our magazine.

Vocivia Magazine aims to amplify the voices of those who cannot scream loud enough into the void we call the internet to create an immersive multimedia experience through new and innovative mediums.

Founded in the pandemic’s shadow, each of our editors knows and recognizes the importance of making yourself heard online. However, the truth of the matter is that not many people have the ability to do such a thing, either because their opinions are vilified or because their platform isn’t big enough.

Vocivia is based on the idea of freedom. Everyone should be able to live their lives as their own without fear. We aim to do our part in ensuring this future happens.


Sheeks Bhattacharjee

Editor in Chief & Social Media Manager

Sheeks Bhattacharjee (she/they) is a Biomedical Engineering undergraduate student at the Pennsylvania State University and the co-founder of Astral Cognition. They have published poetry in Coexist Lit and The Gamut Mag and music pieces in the Harmonic Mag! All of her work can be found on her website and she’s on Twitter and Instagram.

Sheeks tends to prefer short poems and short flash fiction. She’s a fan of works that get their message across in a few lines. They also love gothic and surrealist visual art capitalizing on the viewer’s interpretation and is also a fan of fast-paced electronic and dance music.

Pearl Nice Joseph

Content Reader & Editor

Pearl Nice Joseph (she/her) is an Indian American teen writer from Long Island, New York, who spends most of her time thinking about writing rather than doing it. She is a Gold Key recipient of Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and is forthcoming in Young Radish magazine. She is also a submissions reader for Seaglass Literary. When she is not procrastinating on school work, she likes to practice archery, bake desserts, and annoy her older brother.

Pearl likes to read anything she can get her hands on, especially witty, poignant pieces. She loves a good twist and anything that makes her think.

Sakhi Singh

Content Reader & Editor

Sakhi Singh is a 19-year-old writer from Delhi, currently pursuing English Hons from Miranda House, Delhi University. Her first book titled, “Affected Admiration” came out in February 2019. Writing, cracking awkward jokes, and drinking an inordinate amount of tea defines her personality. She hopes to bring a change or at least make one person feel at home through her words. You can find Sakhi on Instagram!

She has no preference for the types of work she likes to read!

grammar goblin

goblin of grammar

In the hallowed halls of the written word, where language weaves its intricate tapestry, resides a mischievous yet indispensable member of our team—none other than the Grammar Goblin. An enigmatic creature, this linguistic sorcerer thrives on the nuances and intricacies of grammar, wielding a formidable wand to tame unruly sentences and transform them into elegantly structured prose.

The Grammar Goblin’s origins are shrouded in mystery, their presence revealed only when the written word is at its most vulnerable. With an unwavering commitment to clarity and precision, our goblin companion scours the realms of grammar, syntax, and punctuation, diligently hunting down errant commas, misplaced modifiers, and stray apostrophes. With each correction, they breathe life into the written landscape, allowing the true beauty of language to shine through.

In the realm of poetry, where words dance and emotions ignite, the Grammar Goblin possesses a penchant for the grandiose and the intricate. As a creature devoted to the art of editing and refining, they find solace in the world of long-form poems that beckon their meticulous eye and demand their expertise.

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