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Vocivia Magazine's Logo: A stylized V within a circle.

Your voice matters.

You must hear this phrase constantly, but this phrase embodies the entire idea behind our magazine.

Vocivia Magazine aims to amplify the voices of those who cannot scream loud enough into the void we call the internet to create an immersive multimedia experience through new and innovative mediums.

Founded in the pandemic’s shadow, each of our editors knows and recognizes the importance of making yourself heard online. However, the truth of the matter is that not many people have the ability to do such a thing, either because their opinions are vilified or because their platform isn’t big enough.

Vocivia is based on the idea of freedom. Everyone should be able to live their lives as their own without fear. We aim to do our part in ensuring this future happens.


Sheeks Bhattacharjee

Co- Founder, Co-Editor in Chief & Social Media Manager

Sheeks Bhattacharjee (she/they) is a Biomedical Engineering undergraduate student at Pennsylvania State University and the co-founder of Astral Cognition and Vocivia Magazine. They have published poetry in Corporeal Lit Mag (and in many more), art in The Gamut Mag, and music pieces in the Harmonic Mag! All of her work can be found on her website and she’s on Instagram.

Sheeks tends to prefer short poems and flash fiction as well as ethereal visual creations. She tends to enjoy works that make their meaning known relatively quickly and prefers poignant, simple works. They love horror and macabre; “too much gore” doesn’t exist in their mind. Hybrid work also intrigues her and she loves multi-media creations.

A photo of Sheeks Bhattacharjee.
A photo of Tyler Mansmann.

Tyler Mansmann

Co-Founder & Operational Manager

Tyler Mansmann (he/him) is a Marketing Major at Penn State. He doesn’t have the slightest clue about how to write stuff but enjoys reading all the submissions that come in. Tyler keeps the technical things behind the scenes working.

Tyler especially enjoys reading flash fiction and loves seeing mixed media art and digital works.

Marcello Cortese

Co-Editor In Chief

Marcello (Marco) Cortese is a New York-based novelist originally from San Francisco. His prose and poetry find and reflect the silent beauties and verbose cynicisms in life, exploring the enlightenment of human intellect and expression on a day-to-day basis. He has written two novels to date and is underway on a third, as well as a novella and a handful of short stories, all of which he continues to hone in craft and style through his studies at The New School. 

Marco enjoys works that focus on the sublime in contrast with the harsh reality of human discovery, Gothic and Romantic exposition and depictions of obsession, witty and fast-paced dialogue, poignant and heart-stopping confessions, and above all, the beauty that comes seeping through anything that might try to bury it or board it up.

A photo of Marcello Cortese

Alison Hallie

Managing Editor

Alison Hallie Napp (they/them) is a writer and editor based in NYC, originally from Arizona. They are a featured writer for Ethereal Magazine, based in Ireland, and their work has been published in various magazines, including Dream Boy Book Club, Horns by Bullshit Lit, and Querencia. With previous editing experience at Everybody Press, Alison Hallie brings both order and creativity to their work. They have a passion for writing across all genres, as long as there is authenticity and heart behind it.

Pearl Nice Joseph

Magazine Content First Reader

Pearl Nice Joseph (she/her) is an Indian American teen writer from Long Island, New York, who spends most of her time thinking about writing rather than doing it. She is a Gold Key recipient of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and is forthcoming in Young Radish magazine. She is also a submissions reader for Seaglass Literary. When she is not procrastinating on schoolwork, she likes to practice archery, bake desserts, and annoy her older brother.

Pearl likes to read anything she can get her hands on, especially witty, poignant pieces. She loves a good twist and anything that makes her think.

A photo of Pearl Joseph.
A photo of Inanna Carter

Inanna Carter

Magazine Content First Reader

Inanna Carter (she/her) is a recent graduate of Kutztown University where she studied Professional Writing and Psychology, and is now going to Emerson College for her MFA in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing. Reading and writing have always been her passions, and with that, she aspires to someday work in book publishing and eventually become a literary agent.

She lives to read all things romance—as long as there’s love involved, she doesn’t care what the other genres are. She also aspires to be an author and is currently working on her first novel, a very queer story about FBI agents, murder, and what “revenge” and “justice” really mean. She loves cats and taro boba tea and is always lurking on Twitter!

Madi Bellon

Magazine Content First Reader

Madi is a poet and fiction writer as well as Cosmic Daffodil’s founder and Editor-in-Chief. In 2019, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg with a BA in English Literature. In 2022, she received her MFA in Poetry from Chatham University.

In her spare time, Madi enjoys reading fantasy or horror books, writing poetry, playing video games, birdwatching, and practicing her second language, Mandarin Chinese. Her Instagram is @callmemadib.

A photo of Madi Bellon

Angie Loveday

Magazine Content First Reader

Angie Loveday is a Costa Rican-British writer and filmmaker. Her poems, flash nonfiction, and short plays have appeared in The Maze, New Plains Review, En*gendered, and Salmon Creek Journal. She studied Broadcasting and Film at Seton Hall University, Fiction TV Screenwriting at Instituto de Cine Madrid and English Literature at the University of Costa Rica. When she is not teaching tiny humans or studying, you can find her trying to bring her fantasies to life.

Angie enjoys reading wildly opposite genres. You can enchant her with gothic pieces and cosmic horror, or appease her soul with cozy fantasies and rom-coms. As an ace creator, she particularly enjoys reading about deep emotional or romantic connections between characters without resorting to physicality. If you truly want to make her happy, throw in a dragon for good measure.

YF Wang

Magazine Content Editor

YF Wang is a high school student from Taiwan and an incoming freshman at Wellesley College. She has been recognized by the John Locke Institute, Polyphony Lit, Bow Seat, and more.

photo of abstract painting
A photo of Shivang Ambardar

Shivang Ambardar

Magazine Content Editor

Shivang is currently pursuing his Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Lincoln. An admirer of art and artists, he thinks he can write (or can he?). He has had his poetry and flash fiction published in a few magazines and is currently working on his first book. In his spare time, he listens to music and can be found recommending Dead Poets Society to anybody who asks for a good movie. Happiness is all that he seeks.

Sabrina (Grammar Goblin)

goblin of grammar for the issues

In the hallowed halls of the written word, where language weaves its intricate tapestry, resides a mischievous yet indispensable member of our team—none other than the Grammar Goblin. An enigmatic creature, this linguistic sorcerer thrives on the nuances and intricacies of grammar, wielding a formidable wand to tame unruly sentences and transform them into elegantly structured prose.

The Grammar Goblin’s origins are shrouded in mystery, their presence revealed only when the written word is at its most vulnerable. With an unwavering commitment to clarity and precision, our goblin companion scours the realms of grammar, syntax, and punctuation, diligently hunting down errant commas, misplaced modifiers, and stray apostrophes. With each correction, they breathe life into the written landscape, allowing the true beauty of language to shine through.

In the realm of poetry, where words dance and emotions ignite, the Grammar Goblin possesses a penchant for the grandiose and the intricate. As a creature devoted to the art of editing and refining, they find solace in the world of long-form poems that beckon their meticulous eye and demand their expertise.

A photo of Sabrina
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