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Assorted Pieces – Mimi Flood

Toxic Technology

Old texts and emails from an ex / pictures in folders / and videos reproduced to a
YouTube channel/ you changed your profile pic / direct messages tell me you’re active
now/ our chat is the only thing left/ did you delete everything yet / I guess this is the
toxic technology that people talk about /a virtual delusion of a connection that is no
longer anything/ but emotions are captured for eternity in a space for configuration/ I
am hurting myself with this / a punishment for my heart I guess/ listening to your old
voice mementos / because your voice is fading from memory / I wonder if you ever read
what’s left/ our data is the only thing left between us/ we are just strangers after it.

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The blueprint. The architecture of the internet is electromagnetic. 
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Everything makes you feel desensitized. Everything here makes you feel alone.

About the Author:

Mimi Flood has been published in  Dark Thirty Poetry PublishingQuerencia Press, The Graveyard Zine, Scar Tissue Magazine, and Gypsophila. You can find her on Instagram.

These pieces are a part of Issue Three: CYBERSCRIPT. Read more like it here.

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