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“What time is it right now?” – Cat Dixon

Clocks have hands and faces like us.
As the sweeping evil arm
rotates on its course, the roar
of the ferry closes in. The long
list of undone chores keeps me

huddled in the stairwell. The cracks
I fear arrive on time. The marble
mosaic in the mezzanine—restored with
mixtures of crushed walnut shells—
etched into the floor hypnotizes me.

Languishing chimes call to the booths,
ferries in route, the pier suffering
alone under the jealous sun. There’s
routine here in the clock’s tick and
bell. There’s enough time to eat at the

restaurant, to stop at the gift shop.
Is there time? Time for the glittering
carousel—rose gold seats, so many
horses with dials for mouths and eyes,
and bronze bells for bridles. Caught late,

riding means circling the Dickensian
drain and missing the boat. The bay of
San Francisco crowded with gray
overhanging clouds welcomes the
new year. The clock strikes the hour.

About the Author:

Cat Dixon is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. She is the author of Eva and Too Heavy to Carry (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2016, 2014) and the chapbook, Table for Two (Poet’s Haven, 2019). Recent work published in Sledgehammer Lit, Downtown Archive, and Whale Road Review

This piece is a part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. Read more like it here.

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