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“Time” – Ankita Sharma

Even when nothing was
And dark ruled the universe
Sinister skies lay as open fields
And only eerie silence reigned
Still was witnessed by one thing
That of all eras can with agility sing
It and alone itself will always stay
Even after last creation will decay

It is a force that can tame conceits
And smash crowns to dirt at its feet
Fathom complex illusions of beauty
It preys on smugness slowly softly
Is no less godly than the mighty sun

That maverick is time and time alone
That breathed prior the stars shone
Is unforgiving and never waits;
Impeccable justice it abets
And collects mortals just like-
After play, a child gathers his toys

About the Author:

A writer and an artist, Ankita Sharma resides in India. She has authored five titles. Her poems and stories have been published in various anthologies and lit mags including 3moonmag, BRAG, Versification, Green Ink Poetry, Sunnyg (radio show), and others. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international books. Her latest book is ‘One Day in the life of Javed Khan’, published by Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada, and was released in November 2021.

Instagram- ankita.s.26 // Twitter- AnkitaSharma_26

This piece is part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. Read more like it here.

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