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“The Nature of Time” – Jennifer Lemming

About the Creator:

Jennifer Lemming writes a blog titled A Page on the Plains, about culture and living in the Great Plains, archived by the Hudson Valley Writers Guild. In 2019 she won Grand Prize for her poetry in the Dancing Poetry Contest based in San Francisco. Her poems and short fiction have been published appeared in News Verse News, Tall Grass Anthologies, Rufous Press, Earth’s Daughters, recently in AlienBuddhaPress, WineDrunkSidewalk, as well as other online and print journals for the last several years to the present date.

Her latest chapbook, Star Slough, was published by Dark Heart Press, in March 2019. She lives in Bismarck, North Dakota where she hands out her extra copies of the Poetry Magazine to anyone interested, usually in Tattoo parlors & beauty salons in Mandan and Bismarck North Dakota, respectively. 

This piece is a part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. View more pieces like this one here!

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