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“On Time” – Owolusi Lucky

At noon when ruddy sun cycling ended,
I stayed long with the Wiseman and asked him
Wise one, how shall I balance times account?
Then he answered and said unto me: Lad,
With wisdom can one truly spend his time;
Tis time that spent fools till it makes them crook 
He who spend his time wisely have gotten 
Key to the Maker’s treasury, and lay
 Hold of most precious ornament of gods.
Who have seen trail of time upon its path?
Yet it moves like the wind going far north.
Time shall call your daughter from your bosom,
Sons from farms, to lands of your early dreams,
Be joyful like Acer, whose fruits travel 
To new lands to tell their own boastful tales.
Time shall set slave free from a good master. 
Worship time in the altar of your heart,
 Sacrifice to seconds sweat from your brow,
 Rest in the knowledge it shall reward you.
Be no slave of time but master it like 
The laws of the holy book in your heart.
Even while you lie beside brook in dells,
 And entwine with your lover, time shall pass 
You by like a merchant a ripe berry;
 Though his eyes may does feign on you awhile.
Not all your sacrifice to time be sweat
 And hasty, but share your rest and pleasure
 In time hands like shores, it shall be fulfilled.
Time shall trick your heart slowly to old age,
When your pace is slow, let your heart still fly 
And your smiles wider like the oceans wave 
So youths upon your beach can rest, and muse.

About the Author:

Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian writer, he has been featured in anthologies, magazines, and journals. Links to his work can be found at

This piece is part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. Read more like it here.

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