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“I Do Not Tick” – Pam Knapp

I pause for none.
    I am the past;
        I am future too.

I ignite in endless tracts of fibre optics
I spread through the slow sprawl of earth’s skin.
Find me soaked in peat’s dark treasures,
Feel me in Spring’s first hum.
I am there in the greying of storming clouds,
In the rise and fall of peaks.
The growth of crystals, splinter my name,
The death of suns hiss it too.
Hear me in a babes first breath 
And the last rattling gasps of death.

See me pass.
      Watch me come.
            Know that I am all.

I, Time, do not tick, 
I do not wait nor stop.
I am marcher and meanderer
I am creator and destroyer,
I take from those who only receive,
I reveal the truths of those who deceive.
I, Time, am beginning and end;
I, Time, am enemy and friend.
Builder and demolisher,
Eroder and polisher.

      Here and hereafter; before and beyond that,
      I, Time, take it all and never give it back.

About the Author:

Pam Knapp lives in the UK’s rolling countryside of the Sussex Downs. Optimism is her greatest asset. She plans to market it as soon as she can find a promoter. Her writing can be found in Green Ink Poetry, Owl Hollow Press, Words and Whispers, Dreich poetry, and others.  

This piece is part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. Read more like it here.

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