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Assorted Poetry – Teri Anderson

Yours and Mine

Yours a pair of arms I seek to hide
Mine a pair of ears which you can confide
Yours a smile I could melt in
Mine a heart to tell your sin

Yours a secret nook to find
Mine a jumper to help in a bind
Yours a seeker to tell the true
Mine a finder to ale the blue

Lost My Place

lost in place that seemed familiar
I wish I felt less insular
beyond a wilderness of normal faces
that loose connection of familiar places

dark the heart feels
when love doesn’t conquer any ills

About the Author

Teri Anderson creates work that looks into the idea of craft in art, textiles, installation, and sculpture to create a linear or surreal environment that the audience has to inhabit. The work links to her heritage and how textiles were key in their family history including sample machinists and pattern cutters. Building on this Teri proposes an art practice that incorporates craft-based techniques into the art-based discipline of installation. Check out Teri’s website:

These pieces are from Issue One: Lost & Found. Read more here!

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