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Assorted Pieces – Saul Bennett

Time is Not for the Timid

Time is relentless.
Time is treacherous.
Time is undefeated.
Time is a tidal wave
Pushing everything
Towards the light.
Time is not for the timid.
Time is the transition
Between playing in the schoolyard
And dying alone at night.

Time is a constant care,
Only pretending to pause
When dwelling on the past.
Like when you remember 
Being young and happy,
Your Mother cooking dinner
On a Sunday.
She is listening to the radio - 
American crooners and big band music.
The smell of meat, vegetables, and gravy.
The neighbour with the comb-over
Mowing his lawn.
A small aeroplane sowing the sky.
Dogs dreaming of left-overs.
Newspapers folded, read,
Then discarded.
Earlier to bed,
Than we all expected.


I have an idea
That the afterlife,
Will be like
When we
Were under lockdown.
Stuck in a room,
Watching television.
Endless repeats of
The Office,
Tiger King,
With also the option
To watch
Home movies
From when you were alive.
Analyse what you could
Have done better,
In case we are granted 
Release from limbo,
And once more unleashed
Onto the World.

About the Author

Saul Bennett is a poet from the North of England. He has had work published in Boats Against The Current, Delicate Emissions, and Roi Faineant.

He can be found on Twitter @SBennettpoet

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