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Assorted Pieces – Irina Novikova

About the Author:

She was born on 11.12.1987 in Minsk. Lives and works in Minsk. She graduated from the State Academy of Slavic Cultures with a degree in art and from the Moscow Humanitarian and Technical Academy with a degree in design. Member of the Krasnogorsk United Community “Comp”, Member of the Russian Federation of Watercolorists, Member of the International Art Fund (IHF), Member of the Union of Russian Artists, Member of the Creative Association “Artist”. The first personal exhibition “May soul is like a wild hawk” (2002) was held in the museum of Maxim Bogdanovich. In his works, he raises the themes of ecology, etc.

Personal exhibitions: Museum of Nature and Ecology “The Earth is Our Home” (2002), Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature: “How wonderful this world is” (2002), Cinema “Pioner” 4 exhibitions: “Ecology and Man” (2002), “My beloved animals“(2003), “Vernissage“(2003),”Peace to our home“(2004), Theater. Yanka Kupala: “Black Truth” (2004), House of Friendship: “Norway – Northern Country” (2004), and more!

IG: @irina1187novikova, @irinanov4155

This piece is part of Issue Two: CHRONOS. Read more like it here.

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