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“Ages of my Story” – Jimena Yengle

After wars, vanguards emerge
After your kisses, an adventure hides

I appreciate that human being who does not demand praise
And I beg for dance theater at my funeral
After a Greece, a tragedy arose
After your path, fireflies dance
“This is the shadow”, the cold tells me
“That’s how I am,” says winter
After a Rome, we dressed in comedy
Behind the island of my fantasies, the sun hides
Expression of life, Plato’s cave
Pina’s stage, it’s your heart

After Spain in a golden age, my home arose from flower to flower

After your gallants, your vanities
Orange kisses, glow skin
Fairy tale, queen of fiction
After a Renaissance, a being like me arose
After misery, I went for a run
Now I believe, even if I don’t know how to fly
Now I live, even if I forget to sing.

About the Author:

Since she was little she has dedicated herself to art. She started painting at 4 years old and at 6 she exhibited her first work publicly.

At the age of 14, she published her blog “Magical Manuscripts” in which she addresses different topics related to the human experience, part of her personal brand “Magical Maneuvers”. At the age of 19, she published her first book, a romantic novel called “Roma Enamorada” which is available on Amazon.

She also has an active YouTube channel where she uploads content related to cultural events, interviews, covers, and original songs.

She is currently pursuing two professional careers: “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation” and “Psychology.” In addition, she is in an Actoral Training school, studying Performing Arts.


This work is a part of Issue One: Lost & Found. Read more pieces here!

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